Citizen Push for Medical Device Safety Act

The Medical Device Safety Act H.R.2669 (#MDSA) was reintroduced May 10, 2019! 

It is time for a new push to gain support for this important bill. We need co-sponsors for the bill in the House and a companion bill to be introduced in the Senate. 

See our instructions below to learn how you can help support MDSA!



  1. Find out which Members of Congress are representing you in Washington:
  2. From their website, reach out to the office via phone or email
    1. PLEASE NOTE: Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Peter DeFazio, Congressman Bobby Rush and Congressman Lloyd Doggett have all committed to sponsoring the bill. If they are your Representative, please reach out and thank them for supporting the bill.
    2. Ask for the Health Aide either to have a phone conversation or send him/her an email. You may find the Members of Congress Health Aide listed at this link ( ), but please double check with the office as this information is not updated regularly.

If you have a conversation:

– Tell your story (2-3 minutes)

– Request they watch the The Bleeding Edge on Netflix

– For Representatives, please ask for them to co-sponsor the Medical Device Safety Act in the House HR 2669

– For Senators, please ask them to introduce the Medical Device Safety Act into the Senate in May

If you send an email:

– For a Representative, please ask them to co-sponsor the Medical Device Safety Act HR 2669

– For a Senator, please ask them to introduce the Medical Device Safety Act into the Senate

3. Follow up regularly with the Health Aide. Reach out with news articles, updates on your health, updates on the FDA, updates on court actions, etc.

You can find suggested sample letters to email both your House Representatives and Senators thanks to ASHES Non-profit.



You can also sign the petition, which will automatically send letters to your House Representatives and Senators!

Petition2Congress for Medical Device Safety Act of 2019 (HR 2669)

If you have any questions or need any help doing this, please reach out to Amanda Rusmisell at or 704-968-5824