About the Issue

From pacemakers to hip replacements, contact lenses to surgical robots, medical technology has become a commonplace part of our lives. Over the past decade, nearly 70 million Americans have been implanted with medical devices, and an estimated one in ten will be implanted with at least one medical device over their lifetime. Keep yourself and your family safe by paying attention to your health care and the devices that are recommend by your providers!


Medical Device Problems is a place for advocates and patients harmed by medical devices like Essure, mesh, joint replacements, breast implants, etc. to seek support and form a united coalition for change. Our goal is to improve the safety and efficacy of all medical devices and advocate for better approval processes and post-market surveillance.

Given the victory of Bayer pulling Essure off the market in 2018 and subsequently agreeing to settle tens of thousands of lawsuits for $1.4 billion in 2020, we are here to provide your group with the support it needs to succeed in gaining traction with its movement. We hope prospective patients and the general public will also be able to use the website as a resource to make better-informed decisions regarding their health.

If you have questions about medical device safety or need help researching a device, please contact us at medicaldeviceproblems@gmail.com